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Powerful user reports for your Discord server.

Reindeer allows your server members to easily report messages and users. Reports get sorted into a neatly organised forum channel where you can track messages and users, discuss with your staff team, and take action.

  • Powerful and highly configurable

  • Setup reports in less than 5 minutes

  • Suitable for big servers

Streamlined reporting process

Reindeer provides an intuitive experience to reporting messages and users. Members can right-click on a message/user and select Apps > Report message/user or use /report to start a report.

A modal is then shown with your server's custom values, such as a reason for the report. A server-set confirmation message is then shown to the user, and the report will be sent to a forum channel.

Example of a report modal

An organised forum channel for all reports

Reports get sent to a private forum channel where you can easily track messages and users, discuss with your staff team, and take appropriate action.

Posts get tagged with the type of report and its status for easy filtering and searching.

Example of a report forum channel

Track messages and users

Easily track messages and users to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. Edited and deleted messages along with user leaves and re-joins are tracked with Reindeer. As a bonus, targets and original messages (if any) are automatically tracked.

Example of a report forum channel

Verify DM reports easily

Ever wanted a way to truly verify reports for DM messages? With Reindeer, you can let server members report DM messages just like with server messages after adding the bot as a User App.

Report DM command command

Manage reports better than ever.

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